Making Instagram Posts Look Nice

Are you prepared to make your Instagram profile shine? Anyone can pick up a camera, snap a shot, and upload it on Instagram, but it takes a certain kind of person to deliver genuine value and cultivate a dedicated fan base. Any Instagram marketing plan should be geared towards getting people to take some sort of action, such as reading your material, following your account, or making a purchase. Making an Instagram that is both visually pleasing and informative about your company is a simple approach to achieve this. Making visitors stay on your Instagram page for longer enhances the chances that they will interact with your material, follow you, and maybe even buy from you.

Here are six tips for making your Instagram more aesthetically appealing:

General Idea

Think about the overarching concept you want to convey on your Instagram feed before you begin.You may more effectively convey this message to anyone who stumble upon your Instagram profile if you keep questions like these in mind while you read the remainder of this post and as you take photographs for your page.

If you’re more of a “I’ll know it when I see it” sort of person and have trouble describing what it is you enjoy, I recommend browsing Instagram in search of some accounts that appeal to you. Then, begin detailing why you appreciate each of these pages. The colour scheme, perhaps? Maybe it was a reaction to the meal. Create an Instagram profile that showcases your passions and interests.

Style of colours

Choosing a colour palette is one of the simplest ways to make your Instagram more visually attractive. Picking one out doesn’t require a tonne of expertise in the field, either. You may choose a warm or chilly colour scheme, or focus on one colour and make it the focal point of all of your images. Red, brown, beige, yellow, and orange are all part of warm colour palettes. The colours blue, grey, purple, and green make up the “cool” colour palette. A warmer colour palette might be the way to go if you want people to feel the same way about your brand as they do about you. A more subdued colour palette might be ideal for a vacation company that wishes to evoke images of the wide sky and water. This is a wonderful jumping-off place; specificity may be added later.

Designing your feed’s structure

Instagram users often share random photographs without giving any thought to the feed’s aesthetics. The final stage in creating a visually pleasing Instagram feed is to plan out how it will look. Failing to do so can render all of your hard work useless. Before adding new photographs to your feed, you may see how doing so will change the overall “look” of your page. If you want to see how a photo will look in your feed before you share it, VSCO is a fantastic tool to utilise. This will help you organise your feed’s photographs in the best possible way and maintain a pleasing aesthetic.

Don’t brag about yourself too much.

For some reason, you’ve joined Instagram. Companies exist to sell their goods and give social customer service. In order to engage with and add value to their respective audiences, influencers exist. Users may grow bored of your material and decide to stop following you if it always focuses on you. Make sure the majority of your postings highlight the value your business can offer.


To get a unified aesthetic on your profile, you should use the same filters consistently. If you use warm filters on some photographs and cool filters on others, it might throw off your entire colour palette. After settling on a colour scheme, it’s a good idea to go through Instagram’s filters and make a mental note of which ones you can and cannot use. If you decide to switch up your colour scheme, remember to revise this document.

Produce stunning images.

Your photographs, taken with any means at your disposal, should seem polished and consistent with your project’s aesthetic. Although a well-designed layout and colour scheme might pique visitors’ interest and encourage them to click on certain images, the quality of those photographs must also be high. Take pictures that represent your brand, add value, and interest your audience.

Try doing a little experiment to learn more about what grabs people’s attention. Start by researching a trending hashtag in your field. If you own a hotel, for instance, you might want to investigate the travel hashtag. Hundreds of unique vacation pictures are guaranteed to surface. At the very top of the page is a box labelled “Top Posts.” Take a close look at these images to learn the secrets to their success. You should perform this for several different hashtags and compile the results. If you want to improve your Instagram photographs and videos, you may utilise these guidelines.‍

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