Instagram Polls: 4 Hidden Tips For Marketers To Use Effectively

Instagram Polls: 4 Hidden Tips For Marketers To Use Effectively

An Instagram story is a little dominating feature on Instagram. It is an effortless way to connect with followers. It provides you with a great possibility to bring your loyal customers together. It is always a win-win scenario. If you have more people to connect with your brand, your content will be more liked by your audience. Instagram story provides plenty of useful and creative stickers, one of them was polls. Polls have a major part in generating instant engagement to your Instagram story.

The Instagram story has approximately 500 million daily users. Did you know? One-third of the most viewed stories are from business. 

In this article, you will see tips on how brands can gain an advantage on Instagram polls.

Kickstart Your New Marketing Campaign

Don’t risk yourself by blindly depending on your followers to engage with your new promotion. Just by investing in little efforts, you can make them engaged with your posts. 

Have a look at Airbnb, who promotes their latest pictures in Taiwan. They catch the audience’s eyesight by showing them impressive pictures and asking their followers to guess the place.

By creating hype, excitement, you can drag the audience’s attention. Without posting complete content, sharing teasers, sneak peek, short clipping, you can catch your audience’s eyeballs. Let your audience guess the place, content, brand, name of something, and more.  

Gather Audience Insights

You will never know your followers’ preferences or content they love to watch unless you ask them. When you ask more, you can get more information about your audience. 

Polls are a great source of market research. Understanding your audience mindset is crucial to plan your marketing strategy. Generating quick polls gives you immediate data about audience thought, expectation. 

These kinds of polls help to improve your business progress. So try to give more exposure to your poll. Encourage people to enter your poll and give their votes. You can have a look at Snaphappen Instagram story views to maximize your story views. And that way you can bring more audience to participate in your poll. Along with your poll, add a short note that you are expecting more ideas, a suggestion also. You could see your DM filled with lots of questions, ideas. That sort of information gives more information about your audience’s thoughts.

Make Use Of Results In Real-Time 

It is natural that every person wants fun entertainment in the poll, right!. The funniest stuff is seeing how other people vote.

While your next live event is going on, it may be your behind-the-scenes, live photoshoots. Meanwhile, you can ask followers to vote on what must happen next or what’s their thought.

For instance, you can come up with questions like asking which outfit that particular model should wear. Or, like which style they want to see in your upcoming launch. After the votes roll in, you can add clips to your story. By adding your clips, you can show how votes changed the events. 

Promote Your Products 

By solving your customer issues, problems, you can quickly boost or promote your sales. Believe me, with a short poll, you can direct to the heart of audience needs. After that, you can suggest to them a perfect product that meets your audience’s mindset. First of all, try to figure out your customers’ problems and then promote your product. 

Winding Up

To wind up, if your ultimate goal is to establish engagement, then Instagram polls can assist in achieving that engagement. Start polls every day; most importantly, your audience must engage with your polls. It is crucial to gain insights. I hope you will benefit from the poll mentioned above. Sure it will help to grow business.