How To Attracts The Audience On Social Media?

Nowadays, practically everyone has access to a smartphone, and almost all people engage with some sort of social media. Actually, social media has dramatically altered the ways in which people interact with one another and with online material on a regular basis. In today’s digital era, social media has an impact on every part of a company’s operations, from advertising to customer service. It’s the quickest route to getting your brand among your potential customers. Your firm will be taken more seriously and viewed as more trustworthy if it has a social media logo that has been designed professionally. Your story is conveyed through a variety of means, such as a striking image and carefully selected typefaces and hues.

5 Tips To Attract Audience

Using the following 5 guidelines, you can design a logo for your social media accounts that will attract attention and boost your online visibility.

A warm and inviting hue

You may have noticed that the logos of many popular social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, use variations on the colour blue. This is done so that viewers don’t feel like outsiders.

Also, the colour blue encourages communication. With a transparent background, blue makes everything else in the room fade away and the eye can focus on the content without distraction. Blue, sometimes called “the Nirvana colour,” is associated with talking to people, which makes perfect sense for social media sites.

Ease of use

“You want to engage the spectator in a perception such that when they look at the logo for the very first moment, they get the notion,” remarked Milton Glaser, the famed graphic designer best recognised globally for the “I Love New York” logo, in reference to the importance of simplicity in logo designs.
You could be tempted to go all out and go complicated while creating a logo. But, doing so increases the possibility that the logo will be unrecognisable when scaled down and displayed as a thumbnail on Facebook. You should keep your taglines short and your graphics simple to ensure they look good when scaled down to thumbnail size.

If you’re a real estate agent and you want your logo to feature a house, but you also want to show the front door, windows, and a family eating in the dining room, don’t try to cram everything into one tiny image. If you want to get your point over quickly and effectively, stick to simple geometric designs.
Having your full brand fit in the space allotted for a social network symbol is an extreme rarity. Several businesses, realising this, have adopted the practise of using a single letter or graphic element to represent themselves throughout all of their social media platforms. It will be difficult to disassemble your logo design into its component parts if the text and the graphics are intricately linked.

Also, printing the social network logo on tangible items like t-shirts and golf balls will be a breeze and won’t break the bank.

The social network logo should always adhere to the principle of “less is more,” even if the rest of your website design can make liberal use of gradients, shadows, and other Photoshop techniques.

Really small sizes

Making a logo small is nothing new, but before the rise of social media, it wasn’t crucial. An emblem has already appeared on: –

a) An electronic mail signature

In the menu bar at the top of a webpage (b)

c) Labeling

The exterior of stores (d)

This meant that the smallest size at which a logo could be shown was 50mm. Your logo needs to be easily recognised at roughly 8 mm in today’s world of social media. Because of the nature of social media, logos now need to be attractive even when down to nanometer dimensions.

The “premier league,” which unveiled its new logo in February 2016, is one example of a corporate identity that has adapted its emblem to reflect changes in social media.
The old emblem featured a lion’s head with a crown on top and a football in its paw. When shrunk down, the logo’s image looked chaotic. Only the lion’s head is present in the new logo. This is a significantly pared-down logo that nevertheless manages to look sophisticated across all social media platforms and striking even when scaled up.

Consistency across all social media platforms

At one time, businesses were “different” on each social media platform. Companies have recently realised the convenience of using a single logo across all platforms. This is useful in case the logo needs to be cropped or enlarged for use on a website; ideally, the logo should retain its integrity regardless of its new dimensions.

The most effective brands develop a single logo design that they then apply across all platforms. For instance, Wootuniversal !’s social media logo consists of a single exclamation point. With the increasing importance of social media, a company’s logo is more important than ever in shaping public opinion of the brand.

A social media logo ought to be easily recognisable

Recognizability is a must for any social media logo.

The “GhostfaceChillah” logo for Snapchat has risen to fame due to its recognizability.

Logo for a visually appealing social network
Your brand’s website and other marketing materials, such as brochures and business cards, will stand out from the crowd with the help of a social media logo that is both visually stimulating and interactive with customers.

Because clients will see the logo multiple times across different social media platforms, it will stick in their minds longer if you use the same logo across multiple platforms. People remember brands more readily when they can see them in action rather than just hearing or reading about them.

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